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"this keeps getting prettier with every step we take"

said 10 yr old K as we kept turning corners coming into the old town on our first night in Prague. ;) Ahh.. Prague. It was FIRST on my list when we moved here 11 months ago. But for various reasons, we just now made it 2 weeks ago, and it was everything I'd hoped and heard! Spared mass destruction during the World Wars, it truly is a magical city that oozes romance and old world charm. The St Charles Bridge is breaktaking with amazing views whichever way you cast your eyes, Castle hill and the Old Town are awesome and charming all at once, the fall colors only added to the ambiance and we were in love. I would go back in a heartbeat and implore you to put it on your list!! The first night (where offspring declared the beauty of the place with each step..) ;)

We rode up a ginormous hill (EVER thankful for that E-bike) and saw some amazing views along the way. at the top, is a small Eiffel Tower that was built the year after the original. Who knew!?

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