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Time to set the DVR's! ;) HHI Episode airs Aug 30th!

Wow. I can't believe it's almost here! Almost a year since we've known about the move and almost as much time filming, planning, and keeping it a secret from you! It will be fun to see what the finished product will be! about 20 hours of filming for 20 minutes of progamming! People have been asking, so I thought I'd share the latest details. As far as I can tell, our episode (entilted 'European Dreaming') is scheduled to premiere next Thursday, Aug 30th, at 10:30pm e/p. Then it will air again a few hours later for the night owls I guess! If you watch HHI regularly, you know that they often re-air for months and even years following, so if you don't catch us this night, I'm sure it will rerun in the future!

Here's the official summary from the website.

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