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to market, to market...

We look forward to Sundays, as that's when the local market sets up in town center here in Watermael-Boitsfort. There are markets every week in most centers.. some are more antique based, but ours has more food and flowers. A feast for the tummy and eyes. There are booths for fresh veggies and fruits, cheeses and olives, fresh yogurt, pork, Italian, Greek, Thai and the "chicken wagons", that serve grilled chicken of all kinds, and a couple of dozen others. Of course, there's a candy cart that the kids excitedly pick out all kinds of gummies that only sets me back 2 euro. A small price to pay for cooperation when I want to take pics, and of course help carrying everything back UP the hill to our house! ;) In fact, I took quite a few today, just enjoying the textures from our house to the market.. brick, chipped concrete, vine, unique doorknobs and letter slots... I could do the same route every week and bring back an entirely different pallete each time. Yes, please!

Here's some pics from today I thought you'd enjoy -

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