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towers and sunflowers {Pisa, Italy}

We flew into Pisa for our little whirlwind trip last week. It's a great small airport that puts you just an hour from the Cinque Terre or Florence. We'd not been to see the leaning tower yet, and siezed the opportunity on this trip. I have to admit I was impressed. I figured it would be a tourist trap (and there is plenty of bric-a-brac surrounding the site), but it really was a neat site to behold and you understand why it's so famous when it comes into view. A 900+ year old tower that's been leaning for about as many years. It's amazing all the efforts that have been made to fix it and only until about 5 years ago did they think to remove dirt from the non-leaning side and voila! It stopped moving for the first time in 900 years! The whole square is called the Field of Miracles,and is a perfectly preserved Medival square that includes not just the tower, but a duomo (cathedral), baptistry and a few other inmpressive bulidings all within it's 12thc wall. We didn't explore a lot outside of these walls, as the beach was calling our name, but definiltey enjoyed our short time there!

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