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Traveling with kids: Barcelona - Part 1

I hope you don't mind the title. I know that I LOVE finding a blog that has useful info about traveling with kids these days, so I thought i'd put something to that effect in the tagline so maybe a few others can stumble upon my blog! Any other tips any of you have for search optimization, etc?? I suppose it's down to a science, I just don't know much about it.. Do tell if you have any helpful tips for me! This was our first flight travel within Europe and it went pretty smoothly. We actually few out of Rotterdam (1.75 hours from our house) because at 2am in early January when I was booking the flight, it didn't seem like a bad idea! Haha.. Turns out it wasn't horrible. The airport is pretty small and we could park just a football field away from the doors. Super easy. The kicker is that we had a 7am departure time, which meant we left the house at 3:30am!? Yes, my future flights are booked from either the Brussels airport or a smaller one about 40 min south of us in Charleroi. ;) We're flying much more this year than I thought just to save time. The hubs doesn't have the normal 7 weeks of vacation like Europeans, so I'm making the most of every single HOUR he has off and flying helps us achieve that goal. There are crazy low fares to be had (like 20 euro flights to Venice, etc..), but it's usually at off times, mid week, which we just can't afford the time to be doing. So we'll spend a little extra and have more time at our destinations! 7am departure, means 9am arrival. We have the whole day! Let the fun begin... We stayed in an apartment in the Raval area, which I found on which was about 8 blocks (if that) to the Ramblas, which is Barcelona's Champs Elysees. It would have been very noisy to have stayed there, so I'm glad we didn't. But of course we headed strait there and walked and walked and finally decided on an outdoor cafe in the full sun! Blue skies the entire time was just what the dr ordered for we sun starved Belgians! pics of our apartment, which had lots of "character", so much so, that the hubs gave me permission to spend a little (or a lot) more next time and make sure we have cleanliness AND character ;) haha.. the church in the upper left hand was just outside the door. A lovely sight each morning. There were 113 steps to our door on the top floor (we counted), so we just might spring for an elevator next time too!

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