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tulips galore in Holland {traveling with kids in Europe}

There are certain seasonal floral wonders on my European wish list: lavendar in Provence sunflowers in France tulips in Holland I can cross off the latter! After seeing an amazing display of flowers at Floralia-Brussels a few weeks ago, I wondered if we needed to see the actual fields in Holland. While the gardens of Kukenhof were amazing, I must say Floralia was almost as impressive. The tie-breaker in favor of Holland was certainly the fields with acres and acres of tulips! It was a fun experience and could have only been better had the sun been shining :( It could have been worse, of course, if it was pouring, or had we not gone at all (!) so voila! Gratitude for being allowed to see God's amazing creation! We met up with my friend Shayna and her cute crew. You might be seeing a lot more of them in Wheatley adventures as she loves to travel as much as I do! We left at 6am (I told you I met my match in travel-craziness) so we could pull in around 8:15am when the doors opened. We were rewarded with virtually no crowds and people-free photos. By 9:30-10, it was getting quite packed so go early if you can! The kids endured the rows and rows of flowers and were pleased to find a fun playground and hot chocolate mid-adventure to perk them up. We then climbed into a windmill, discovered a labrynth and petted a few animals in the petting zoo. A good time was had by all!

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