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Two Years {and counting}

December 12, 2011, everything changed for our little family of 4. On that day we arrived in Brussels and were ready to begin a new chapter of our lives on another continent! Little did we know how much our lives would be changed in so many ways.. mostly for the better I'd say. So many fantastic experiences for us all, living history all around us, new friends from around the world. We truly will NEVER be the same. It looks like our adventure is drawing to a close. At least the European leg of it :( We'll likely be heading elsewhere at the end of this school year, although we have no idea where yet! We'll be happy to end back up in Texas for sure.. closer to family and friends, Target and Tex Mex at our fingertips.. haha.. but I have to admit that I'd love to continue the adventure if possible. Maybe a new continent? New time zone to explore? But for now, here's a look back at some of my favorite memories of the last year. (And you can find our 1st year's "year in review" Here and Here!) And now for the look back at 2012. Grab a cup o' joe and sit back. It's gonna be a long one! in January we hunkered down and recuperated from our fabulous trip home to the USA for the first time in a year. Swim team and snow days were on the agenda :)

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