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UK adventures {Oxford, Stonehenge edition}

Welcome back! We're still in the UK on the blog :) But this is the grand finale of sorts! We had a 3 day school weekend in early November and decided to rent a house with some friends of ours in Oxford. Turns out, our friend David, studied at Oxford and was actually the curate at the University Church of St Mary the Virgin. So he was the perfect tour guide for our holiday! Of course, i was completely geeking out the whole time as Oxford was the home of so many literary greats. We saw the door that was the inspiration for CS Lewis's "Lion, Witch the Wardrobe", enjoyed a pub crawl that included the Eagle and Child , where CS Lewis and Tolkien kept court, admired the "City of Dreaming Spires" atop St Marys and even saw the dining hall at Christ Church that was inspiration for the Hogwarts Dining Hall. On an early morning run, we saw rowers on the fog covered Thames, had dinner at lovely Gee's and rode atop a double decker bus! So a great time was had in Oxford. Here's some of my favorite photos to share.. First stop: a great view down onto the Radcliffe Camera of the Bodleian Library from top of St Mary's

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