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under the weather

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

So, I'm still in my pjs (8pm) and figure now is a good a time as any to chip away at the mountain of pics I have to be blogged.

tonight's theme will be itty bitty... hope you enjoy! first up is angela's belly. She should be calling me any day to introduce me to the little fella that occupied that territory for 9 months! these little guys (gunn family) were fun to hang out with. mom and dad were troopers to let me come to their house and capture some sweet moments with their new guys. the rohrlichs are beautiful. We were on little "r"s time schedule and she did great until she just tuckered out!

then it was on to big brother, which was as you can see was a pleasure =)

and remember this face? what a difference a couple of months makes =)

thanks, shannon for letting us try again. It was fun seeing y'all!

and look at how perfect this little angel is. and with her fan club...

I've photographed the wallingfords on several occasions, the first being when she was preggars with miss a. Now miss a will be a big sis soon!

can't wait to meet the new brown hair-blue eyed beauty!

ahh.. and here's mr thomas. all handsome in his cozy hat. He was so cute and charming as ever.

the broach brothers.. just 17 months apart. getting close on big brother's terms! =) and sneaking one in of them together...

ok..I'm fading fast and my bed is calling me! thanks for looking and check back for many more - hope you're all feeling better than us right now!

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