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upside down caddys and more

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

10 days away, 36 hours logged in a car, the first missing tooth and lots more...

First, Canon and I went to Borger, TX (an hour from Amarillo) to visit a friend and her 2 girls. Here are the cuties at the cadillac ranch - you know I was itching to break out the camera here!

and here's 3 louisiana moms' kids sitting on a front porch in west texas. hmm... what's alike in this picture? =)

so I hear we missed all the rain while we were gone!? Not to worry.. we caught up with it back in Louisiana at the end of last week at the lake house. The great thing about rain is the vibrant leaves after the fact.. the light was beautiful here in the pier one afternoon, so I had to snap a few. And for you photo enthusiasts out there, I didn't touch up any of the following pics.

oh, and she has a brother too =)

speaking of the little rascal, look what happened a few days ago!

that's his T-Tom in the background who was brave enough to snap it out for us. Neither of us seem to have the stomach for it! (and he's due to lose another any day, but T-Tom is on a cruise for the next week, so it may just have to stay put until he gets back!?)

one proud 5 1/2 year old!

so that's me playing catch up. I've got some fun photos to share soon.. including a beautiful bride, so check back soon!

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