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vacation 2011

it's no secret that I love to travel... fun examples from here, here and here... and I'm mulling over my 2011 calendar and wondering if you'd love to have the chubbyfoot treatment on your next vacation?? I have met someone in Playa del Carmen a couple of years ago, and several in the Destin/Seaside area of the years.. ooh.. even Wimberley just a couple of months ago.. So.. time to get your hubby in a good mood, and let him agree to a fabulous vacation and let's make a date for 2011!! ;)

Here's some ideas.. I will likely already be in: Vegas (Feb 2011) New Orleans (April 2011) TX Hill Country (Summer 2011) Spring Break 2011 (up for grabs) Places I'd love to go ;) Charleston, SC Key West Colorado (summer) Wash DC area San Diego Australia/New Zealand ( winter 2011) any beach in the caribbean

Happy Holidays and vacation planning! ;)

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