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we said hi to George for ya {lake como, italy}

of course we really didn't see George this trip (Cloony that is for you non-celeb junkies).. He was probably in sunny California while we were crazy enough to go to Lake Como in February!? BUT, if we waited for perfect weather to do all our traveling, then we're only have a few months to really get out AND it's sometimes nice to hit these fantastic spots sans huge crowds and big pricetags :) So, we rented a car and drove up to Lake Como from Milan for the day. It's a grand total of about 45 minutes to the town of Como, which is at the southern tip of the lake. Here's a map for you, bc you know I'm all about maps! Here's a map of most of Italy and you can see Como is far north.. at one point we were just 4 miles from Switzerland!

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