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“what the heck is going on here?”

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

- what my son said on christmas morning when it seemed that Santa didn't get him anything on his list?! Danny and I had our hearts in our stomachs for a few minutes until he discovered that santa did a pretty good job despite not getting all the crazy things he'd asked for!? ha ha...

Happy New Year! We had a blast hanging out with our families this holiday season, as i hope was the case for you too. I've already been back to shooting this week and figured it was time to hop back on the blog to start catching up. I'll post some personal christmas pics tonight and tomorrow it will be all chubbyfoot I promise!

ok, so where to begin. We stayed the first half of the holiday at danny's family lake house near bunkie, louisiana. Danny's family has spent almost all their christmases there, so it's now our tradition as well. It's very camp-like, so we actually get to go into the woods and chop down a tree, have bon fires, pop fire works of the docks, and lots more. Here's a pic of our charlie brown tree with a zillion presents in front of it! (danny has 4 sisters, 3 of which are married and there are 8 grandkids total .. we buy for everyone, so we almost covered the tree!)

lining up in the hall christmas morning... (that's my goof ball hubby in the very back) the tradition is that the kids have to wait until the parents (or a parent) has camera in hand and ready to go before they enter!

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