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Wheatley House Hunters International: Coming to a TV near you! ;)

Well, it's a WRAP! I'm finally able to tell you that we have filmed an episode of House Hunters that will air in the next few months. It was a neat experience for our family and I sure hope it's in their best interest to make us look good in our upcoming episode! haha.. A few fun things about filming: 1. I now understand just a hint of what the stars mean in their acceptance speaches when they "thank the whole crew" and all that jazz about it "being a group effort". We were instant friends with the crew and I could see how you could get attached after weeks/months or even years of filming! It was kind of sad saying good-bye after hanging out with them non-stop for a few days!

2. The crew consisted of 4 people: the director, camera, sound and assistant. They were very good at what they did and kept it rolling as best they could. We hit a couple of snafus here and there, but overall it was pretty painless and even quite fun (for the theatrical Wheatleys.. I'll let you guess which ones of us that included) ;) 3. sound and film: we had to stop often for planes flying overhead, dogs barking, a passerby making extra noise. Danny and I had mics, but in the family shots, there was a big boom mic that picked up the slightest of noises. Also, since there was only one camera (as opposed to dozens like in movies), we often shot several times at different angles - wide/tight/singles, etc.. 4. It was confirmed that we have a future stage actress living amoung us. Little miss C lit up the camera and wowed everyone with her expressiveness and zest, even in the mundane details. It was so fun to watch both of the kids interact with the crew and share about their life here in Brussels. They rocked it! 5. All told, we filmed about 22 hours for what will be about 22 minutes of material used in the show!? What fun it will be to see what makes the cut! So now we get to do more waiting! ;) It will likely air in 3-4 months. I will be able to give you about a month's notice so you can set your dvr! Can't wait to see the finished product!

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