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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

I'll start with the League City bunch. 2 weeks ago I hit the rose garden in League City for a day. the weather was perfect and the families were adorable as ever. you might recognize the stewart kids as I've been photographing them since the "baby" was one! I have to say these are some of the easiest siblings I've ever photographed. Even at 1 and 3 and 2 & 4, they couldn't help but smile! the same was true this time.. i was loving "l"'s new smile this year =) actually, I had several families with older siblings that day, which was fun for me. of course, i love babies, but it's nice to get the older kids too.. I met the thomas family for the first time last year and it was great to see them again. we joked around and just had a nice, relaxing time. the dempseys were first timers... and I'm so glad they decided to call me. look how easy this was for me! =) and the whole fam..

and a chubbyfoot regular for you ... miss K. she did plenty of smiling, but this might be my favorite shot of the day.. i love it. and an accidental favorite =) thanks, barrys for yet another fabulous time. i love miss k and look forward to seeing y'all again. I met the howards and their precious girls last year for the first time. The baby was teeny tiny, so it was much fun for me to see her toddle around and see her personality a year later... and big sis was as cute as I remembered her. A fun fact about these guys is that mom and dad went to Ireland (right?) this year for a big anniversary trip and brought back these sweaters. It's nice that she'll have photos long after the sweaters are outgrown! my final league city family was full of new faces to me. 2 sisters and their cute kiddos. I had some energy stored up (thanks to afore mentioned older sibs) so I chased these guys around the park and then back again! they'd stop in spurts and I'd snap away! here's a few of my favorites:

so that concludes League city.. here's a few more families to share while I'm on a roll! the vazquez family on a perfect day in the woods this little guy was so handsome and fun here he is rocking his izod blazer.. seriously.. (in my best chandler bing voice) can he BE any cuter?! ooh.. speaking of debonair boys, here's mr. danny playing around in my front yard. (sweater vest courtesy of babystyle.. I already checked it out and nothing over 4T dangit!) his future girlfriend, miss breeleigh (if their moms have a say) was having a hard day. we did get some sweet ones, but this has to be my favorite! I'll see Breeleigh again in about a month and I promise to post a smiley one of her then =)

I had another handsome fella (sickles) in my front yard that week, while new baby sis was getting fed inside. He just came outside with me and we played around a little and got these: and back inside, little sis was ready for her close up they are beautiful, mom. thanks for making the trip out for me to capture this time for you =)

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