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while the kids are away…

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

mommy will play =)

the kids are out of town with the grandparents for a WEEK, so things are really quiet around here! I had shoots scheduled the latter part of the week, but decided to go to the big H for a couple of days. Houstonian for 2 nights, lunch at Niko Nikos, Thai in the Village for dinner, after dinner book browsing, day at the spa (10 month old anniv. gift that was about to expire.. yikes) I feel duly pampered and refreshed and a little sad that we don't live in the loop anymore.. over dinner Monday night I was scheming how to get back to the city. but downsizing 1300 sq feet AND paying for private school just doesn't fit the plan!

anyway.. after a late evening bike ride at East End Park with my honey, and an early morning run with a friend near this spot, i felt at peace again. By 8am, I was downright giddy at my surroundings and felt quite content to call the "livable forest" my home . Here's why: the handsome city boy, owen, is celebrating his 1st birthday TODAY! one more..

thanks for looking and happy wednesday!

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