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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

a few of my favorite families last month stepping outside the box.. or the living room, I guess! the browne family is first up. of course we always get great ones of the kids, but I esp love this one of mom and dad. looks like they still have "it", huh? =)

and the adorable kiddos sweet cousins little man was tuckered out and the big boys cutting up - next up.. the howells. another beautiful family with handsome boys to spare. and you just have to let boys be boys. not that I wasn't having a blast with boys, but it was fun to have some girly girls as well. the covan sisters were too much fun. mom brought some fun props... And a little different perspective of mom and dad last but not least, hannah and logan. i last saw hannah before there was even a logan =) and what a cute addition he is! and big sis... thanks for looking! I have some relaly fun posts in store for you, so keep checking back!

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