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Windsor Legoland, UK

Our last 4 day weekend of the year (I can't tell you how many of these we've had, but I can say with certainty that we've enjoyed them!), we headed to the UK for a long awaited trip to Legoland. There are 3 around Europe: one in Germany, one outside of Copenhapgen, Denmark and one in Windsor, which is about 30 min outside of London. Danny and I had spent a good amount of time in London early in our married life, so since we'd seen a lot already, I could concede a kid trip thrown in there. I'm so thoughtful aren't I? ;) K is 10 and is a HUGE lego fan. I've heard mixed reviews about Legoland being geared to younger kids and I have to agree somewhat. The perfect age seems to be 5-8 as far as the rides go. I'm a little sad we didn't take him at that age, but he was swimming with dolpins in mexico and repelling waterfalls in Costa Rica at those ages so, maybe not that sad!? We did have a great time though. Neither of my kids are huge adrenaline junkies and there were many rides that suited them just fine. The star of the show though, were the Legos and he was in heaven! Little sis has gotten much more into Legos since they're released the "My Friends" series for girls (And since big brother is suddenly her go-to playmate), so she enjoyed them as well. We stayed at the 1 month old Legoland Resort Windsor, which was a huge treat. Any resort is going to be extra fun and this one didn't disappoint. We were surpised that there were hardly any lines. We usually walked right on to every ride, and that made it extra enjoyable. It was a little too chilly to ride any of the water rides, and the kids weren't too happy about that. So we'll have to hit a waterpark nearby this summer when it's finally warm enough to enjoy something like that. Hard to believe it's almost June and we've not been in the water!? We drove to the UK via the Chunnel train. You make a reservation online and drive up to the train and get loaded on with your car. Then you ride in the Chunnel while sitting in your car! It was not bad, though it meant Danny got to drive on the "other" side of the road when we got to the UK. It wasn't too bad on the way to Windsor, bc it was all interstate.. but later traveling thru London it was a little trickier. Of course it was no problem for me, as my job was to just ride ;) If we go again, I'd probably just take the Chunnel train. We could be to the heart of the city in less than 2 hours. But we wanted to the freedom to go outside of London, and it was a little cheaper. So, without further ado, Legoland Windsor!

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