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wonder – part 2

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

wow - I'm on a roll! 3 days in a row might be a record =)

As promised.. the rest of the bluebonnet pics. i met the parkers several years ago and have enjoyed watching them grow. little miss sunshine... and her handsome brother mom and dad getting their love on. Dad works out of the country, so it's a treat to have him around! and last but not least... great seeing you guys again! next up were some precious girlie girls that I've seen once before. sophia and julliette were great sports for their session i love this one sophia in her hat and miss twirly bird... finally, we have a couple of munchkins you might recognize. thanks to a last minute cancelation I had a few minutes to snap my own kiddos in the bluebonnets this year! I litterally had about 26 minutes (including drive time) to get these done.. but at least I got my own kids in this year. and just for fun... 2003 (this is a stunning pic in real life I promise! but all i have is an old low-res scan. I love it enough to post though just so you can see my sweet boy at 17 months) - then also at 6 1/2 miss priss at 16 months - 2005 & 4 1/2 in 2008 finally the two of them together in 2006 (see ladies.. I can't always get my 2 together for a bluebonnet pic! this was the first year!) 2007 and more from this year

my, how they've changed! ok gang - I'm beat. Had 6 shoots in Houston today, then a boat ride with the fam so I've had a full, but fun day. thanks for checking and I'll post more soon. who knows.. maybe I'll post tomorrow and make it 4 for 4!

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