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workin’ hard or hardly workin’?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

workin' hard, you better believe it =) A note about the calendar ... a couple of new dates have opened up. **SOFA session: THIS Sunday, Oct 19th at 1, 2 or 5pm if you'd like a spot! ** Nov 29th and 30th in HOUSTON. (Discovery Green on the 29th and most likely Hermann or another wooded park in town on the 30th) ** Tues, Nov 25th in Cypress or Mercer - taking a poll. Now on to some fun pics for the day. jack and helen hope are not chubbyfoot strangers. They are growing so much and are as cute as ever. I heart this pic. he is ALL boy and this was one way to keep him contained and happy for a minute! not too much work getting this one to be adorable =) and a final one with their beautiful mom next up is jake and his new sis, delaney. the big boy enjoying the great outdoors... and miss d i never tire of seeing mamas loving on their babies. I tell my kids they will ALWAYS be my babies, even when they're big enough to hold me! and some other lovin =) and finally, george his brand new baby brother, read (who's probably doubled in size since these pics!) read is ready for his close-up the first baby of the house and the whole gang

thanks for looking!

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