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"You may have the universe if I may have Italy."

- Giuseppe Verde :) We had a weekend without a swim meet last month and I just HAD to take advantage of the free Saturday. So where did we choose to go?? ITALY, of course! This time, we opted for Milan and Lake Como. It was February, so we knew we wouldn't be in shorts and t-shirts, but were hoping for the sun and possibly a little warmer temps than Belgium. And it turned out that yes, sunglasses were needed here and there, and a little Italian holiday was just what we needed! First up was Milan. All I knew about Milan was fashion, Da Vinci's Last Supper, they had a cool Duomo and that we'd have good food and hopefully sunshine! This could have been a trip that might have been better enjoyed without the kids, but the fact is that we DO have kids and our favorite babysitters (aka grandparents) are on another continent, so off we all went! We took the 6am flight from Charloi and were IN Milan ready to rock and roll by 9! We did a good bit of walking around while we waited for our Last Supper ticket time (you MUST reserve ahead of time, and I'm so glad we did, as I saw people being turned away at the desk.. that would be so dissapointing!). The Last Supper is a huge painting on a monastary dining room wall (Santa Maria delle Grazie). Da Vinci painted it from 1495-98, but used a different method in which he painted on dry wall instead of wet plaster (fresco) and it started deteriorating just a few years after he fnished it, which was a major bummer. It was restored many times over the years, but most recently a 21 year rennovation that was completed in 1999. There's a series of air tight doors that you must pass thru and then, you can only stay for 15 minutes total. It was so neat to see though and was worth all the hoopla! But NO PICTURES were allowed! So here's the best one I have for you:

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