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you need a picture like this!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

the sweet Jones clan, celebrating mom and dad's 50th anniversary - that's something to celebrate! As much as I adore photographing babies and children, it's always a special occasion when I get a large family, especially with grandparents. I took some great photographs of my husband's grandparents the year before he passed away and we will treasure them forever. Of course, most of our parent/grandparents are thankfully healthy and spry, so don't forget to include them next time =)

Here's another proud grandmother and her grandson Parker that I had the pleasure of photographing last week - dad got into the action too... (mom had to miss, so we'll get her in next time!) all decked out.. who says boy clothes aren't as cute as girls?? and here's the douglas family. some first steps.. he's about to get those cute curls chopped =(

and last but not least, the littlest model of the week. Just one week old! he was wide awake the whole time.. I guess that's what we get for jostling him around so much! check for tristan in the next couple of days.. these were just a couple of teasers until I get the rest up on the website.

I guess that's the last post for March!

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