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you’re not going to like me for this..

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

hi all - long time, no blog!? sorry about that.. but as usual, I'll make up for lost time with a ton to share tonight. and fyi.. it's 12:55am, I have shoots from 8:30am - 5pm tomorrow and am hosting 12 girls tomorrow night at 7pm at mi casa. I should be in bed, but am feeling guilty for neglecting my blog for so long!

ok, here's the part you're going to fuss at me for: bluebonnet pics. I get many requests each year and just can't find a way to do them since it's all about light. Bluebonnet fields only have good light for 30 minutes each day (and they're mostly 2 hours from my house), so that make schueduling a little difficult. But there is a big ditch in kingwood - yes a ditch - that has enough to trick you into thinking we're surrounded by these beauties! here's some of my faves: the handsome fella: and miss priss - you can click here if you want to see the rest... and now to the beautiful people I've met the last couple of weeks: this is heather and chris.. their new addition arrives in May. their little guy will surely be handsome considering these genes =) here's a few of the parkers ,whose dad works in Iraq. we caught him at home and got some great shots for him to take overseas on his trips. and more blooms to share from last week at Mercer. the rain hindered a few shoots that day, but there were many good ones to make up for it! the anthony family braved a chilly morning Sunday at the bridge... their little guy was busy, but the camera loved him =) and here's a couple from today, actually! william and liza were too cute for words. we'll have photos of their new baby bro/sister this fall! peek-a-boo! the million dollar shot =) speaking of.. just a note about sibling photos. For the most part, it gets easier moms! So hang in there! If you can space your kids about 3.5 yrs apart, that helps too! ha ha.. but really, I have so many young families that come in and all moms want that perfect shot of their 2 angels. If we didn't get it this time, I promise it will happen in the future. Just frame them separately for now and in due time, you'll get that million dollar shot! here's a few from last month that I ran out of time to blog last time. But they were some favorites that I wanted to share. miss glynes met me at Hermann Park and did a great job laughing at my antics.. well for the 1st 25 minutes or so. So I'm glad I snapped fast, so when she tired of my songs and toys, we had plenty and could call it a day. Her mom went to LSU and is from Baton Rouge, so we hit it off too. Looking forward too seeing glynes grow! mary kate is a trooper, and is her mom! So, she drives around for an hour b/c we were supposed to meet at Hermann Park, but who knew the police would close all roads/parking lots b/c they wer too full for spring break!? So she met me at Helen's Park an hour later and Mary Kate was a perfect model. thanks, Leslie for your patience and thanks also for being one of my best advertisers. I feel like 1 out of every 5 people mention your name! here's a favorite of andrew in his baptism finery. and finally a sweet profile of baby dylan

tomorrow - Thursday I'm shooting realtor head shots all day for business cards. Will be a nice change of pace to see adults all day and not have to sing "whels on the bus" =) will post a few of those later - knowing me it will be May, but hopefully before!

take care and thanks for looking =)

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