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you wouldn’t believe me if I told you

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

so I'll spare you the insane schedule that's been my life for the last 2 weeks and just continue with my regularly scheduled programming. (the events of the last 2 weeks will make it to the blog in picture form, i promise, i just need time to dilute it AND need to play fair with spring clients that still haven't been blogged!)

The next few posts will be about "the only child". Some of these cuties won't be the only for long, but for now, it's all about them! this sweet family walked thorough my door one morning and the dad looks so familiar. turns out his family is from baton Rouge and were dear family friends of my husband's family growing up. He had no idea he was coming to a Wheatley house, and it was so neat to meet his wife and beautiful baby (who's probably doubled in size at least since I took these!) sweet baby barton

I think he grinned the entire time!

thanks so much for looking! I have MANY more to share, so keep checking back. I'm kidless this week (thanks to some very brave grandparents who are keeping 6 of their grandkids this week) so that we can pack and move, but I'll try and squeeze in a blog here and there to catch up!

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