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Your Christmas card is SO gonna rock this year!

And I happen to know the gal to help you with that ;) I interrupt my Baltic adventure for a little shop talk. i've had several people ask about fall family photos, and well.. the fall is upon us! If you're interested in booking with me, please email me asap as sessions will be limited. Right now, here's the weekends I plan to be available: Sept 29/30th, Oct 20/21, Nov 10/11. I know most people need shoots on the weekends and since I LOVE to travel I thought this might be the best way for you to see if we can coordinate. I'm having a blast shooting here, and have some great ideas up my sleeve.. so if you're interested, give me a shout! I'm also able to work on weekdays if that might work for your family... I happen to have some great shots from this weekend of the cute Mooreheads to show off some of my favorite places. They were great models, don't you think? Thank you, J and R for making ME look good! :)

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